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Mini Computers
Thin Client PC Station
Industrial All-in-one PC
DIY Computer Parts
Computer Peripherals
Router & Switch
Underwater Camera Case

We always have someone on hand to answer your questions. If online service if off, please feel free to email us any time, we will reply you first time when come to work. We believe in the timeliness of customer service, and will do everything possible to satisfy our customers. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact us.

Customer Service:
For questions regarding order status and other after-sales support, log in to My Orders and click on the order you need help with. From the detailed order page, you can easily review order details, track order progress, and request help by submitting a Customer Service ticket. We normally respond to all tickets within 1 working day.For technical questions, please send email to to get the help.

If you need information before you buy, you can start a Live Chat with our online sales representatives. If Live Chat is not available, you will be directed to an online form to submit an inquiry. Once you submit an inquiry, you can track progress and submit updates in My Inquiries.

Our contact details:
Tel: +86-755 2331 6900
Mobile: +86-15112669806
WhatsApp: +86-15112669806
Wechat: +86-15112669806

Skype: kld_sunny

Office Address:
2D, QUANZHI Science & Technology Building, Maozhoushan Industrial Park,Hou Ting Community, Sha Jing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China 518104



Contact Person: Joel Shaw

Position: General Manager

Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation

Graduate from: XiJiang University

Work from: May, 2009

Contact Person: Coral Jiang

Position: Marketing Director

Cell : +86 134 1888 1073(WhatsApp/Wechat)

Skype: kuaileshanhu33

Contact Person: Crystal Shaw

Position: International Sales

Cell : +86 186 8033 5192(WhatsApp/Wechat)

Skype: eglobal_sl2

TradeManager: cneglobal

Contact Person: Kris Zhou

Position: International Sales

Cell : +86 138 2696 0322(WhatsApp/Wechat)

Skype: eglobal_sl1

TradeManager: cn1501482817


Contact Person: Sofia Chan

Position: International Sales

Cell : +1 608 279 8164(WhatsApp/Wechat)

Skype: sofia.chan.dragon

TradeManager: cn1501446757


Contact Person: Jeecy Shao

Position: International Sales

Cell : +86 139 2746 7305(WhatsApp/Wechat)

Skype: eglobal_sales3

TradeManager: cn1513454001

Contact Person: Bryant

Position: International Sales

Cell:+86 18312801659

Skype:Bryant Huang




Contact Person: Bella Fu
Position: International Sales
Cell: +86 188 2099 9187(WhatsApp/Wechat)
QQ: 2490605048

Contact person : Sunny Wang
Position: International Sales
Cell(Wechat/Whatsapp): +8615112669806
Skype: kld_sunny




Contact Person: James Zhou

Position: Engineer

Graduate from: Shenzhen Polytechnic College

Work from: June, 2012


Contact Person: Yu Zijian

Position: Assistant Engineer

Work from: August, 2014



Maps of our New Factory Address: 2D, QUANZHI Science & Technology Building, Maozhoushan Industrial Park, Hou Ting Community, Sha Jing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China 518104


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New Address: 2D, QUANZHI Science & Technology Building, Maozhoushan Industrial Park, Hou Ting Community, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China 518104
Email: / Skype: kld_sunny

Tel: +86-755 2331 6900/ +86-151 1266 9806(WhatsApp/Wechat)